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Brass Kitchenware

For several years, it has been mostly used as a religious and traditional type of metal. Brass is relatively more expensive than other metals. Knowing its pros and cons, people still buy and enjoy brass kitchenware. Let’s have a look at some interesting facts about brass kitchenware. Know about 20 basic brass kitchenwares and the care and maintenance of brass kitchenware, etc. 


What is Brass Kitchenware?

Kitchenware that is made of brass is known as brass kitchenware. Brass kitchenware is also known as Pital Bartan. It’s been several years since Indians have used brass items in kitchens. 


List of 20 Brass Kitchenware You Must Have in Your Kitchen 

There are various brass kitchen utensils there. But a few of them are as follows


1. Brass Canister

Brass Canister

The brass canister is one of the essential brass kitchen items. They are made with golden metal. You can store dry food, spices, etc.


2. Brass Spice Racks

Brass spice rack

Brass spice racks are a very stylish way to keep containers of spices, and you can keep other containers as well. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes. It is one of the most useful brass utensils. 


3. Brass Bowls

Brass bowl

Brass bowls are one of the most prominent brass kitchen items. It is a useful tool for mixing better, keeping food, etc. You can serve curry here. It is available in various shapes and sizes.


4. Brass Milk Pot

Brass milk pot

You can use a brass milk pot to store milk. Brass is the safest metal for milk. Tin-lined brass is good for storing and heating milk. It gives your kitchen a traditional look. 


5. Brass Glass

Brass glass

Brass glass is a useful traditional brass utensil. It is used to drink water or milk. You can also use it for storing liquid items or drinking any liquid items. 


6. Brass Plate

Brass plate

The brass plate is also known as the pital thali. It is made up of brass. You can enjoy meals like rice, dal, curry, etc. It is one of the most traditional brass utensils of all time. 


7. Brass Pot Rack

Brass pot rack

A brass pot rack is one of your needed pieces of brass kitchenware. There are mainly two types of brass pot racks one is wall-attached, which means the rack is attached to the wall. The other one is that the ceiling attached to it is hung upon the ceiling. You can keep various pots here.


8. Brass Ghee Pot

Brass Ghee pot

Brass Ghee Pots are pure brass utensils trending for several years to store ghee. Ghee is mostly usable in some vegetarian cuisines, sweets, etc., so it’s better to bring Ghee to your home. You should buy a brass ghee pot to store ghee. 


9. Brass Colanders

Brass colander

Brass colanders are more attractive and useful brass kitchen items for your kitchen. It’s kind of heavy metal. It is used to drain liquids like water from food through enormous holes in its body. It is relatively more expensive than other metals, like stainless steel.


10. Brass Tray

Brass tray

Brass trays are a useful item for your kitchenware. You can serve your guests drinks with tea, coffee plates in them, and food items as well. It can also be used to keep tiny things like keys, change, etc. It is available in various shapes and sizes. 


11. Brass Mortar

Brass Mortar

Brass Mortar is useful brass kitchenware. It is used to grind and crush spices, vegetable leaves, etc. You can add these spices to your curry to increase its taste. You can find this brass utensil in two types, one in a bowl-shaped shape and the other in a pestle. 


12. Brass Butter Knife

Brass butter knife

A brass butter knife helps to take butter from the bowl. However, brass is softer than other metals, like stainless steel. So there’s more chance that it can bend or dull easily.


13. Brass Bar Cart

Brass bar cart

The brass bar cart is a stylish and standard brass kitchen item. You can store, prepare, and serve drinks through it. You can also keep other things here. Most bar carts have wheels attached to them. So buy bar carts that have wheels. Because it will be easy to move.


14. Brass Mugs

Brass mug

Brass mugs are the most unique and beautiful items. You can keep liquid items in brass mugs. You can drink liquids like water, cold drinks, etc. 


15. Brass Utensil Holder

Brass utensil holder

A brass utensil holder is a very stylish way to hold brass kitchenware as well as cookware. It saves your space. 


16. Brass Kitchen Island

Brass Kitchen Island

Brass kitchenware Island is one of the most stylish but space-consuming. It raises your kitchen’s standard. You can create brass kitchen islands in various ways, like by making brass cabinetry, brass countertops, etc.


17. Brass Soap Dispenser

Brass Soap dispenser

The brass soap dispenser is very stylish brass kitchenware. You can attach it to the wall as well as the countertop. If you attach the brass soap dispenser to the wall, it saves space. And if you attach it to the countertop, it will look more beautiful. 


18. Brass Spoon

Brass spoon

Brass spoons are great for mixing, serving food, eating, and also for decorative purposes. But brass is not a safe material; it can leach chemicals. 


19. Brass Miniature

Brass Miniature

Brass miniatures are one of the useful pieces of brass kitchenware. You can keep any kitchen-related items here. It’s available in various shapes and sizes. There are various types of brass miniatures, like figurines, dollhouse miniatures, collectibles, etc. 


20. Brass Casserole Dish

Brass casserole dish

A brass casserole dish can store or keep food, fruits, vegetables, etc. They have a tin lining inside to ensure that the chemicals from brass don’t mix up with food.


Checklist Before You Buy Brass Kitchenware

Brass kitchenware is an attractive and beautiful set for every kitchen. But you should check these checklists before you buy


  • Tin lining
  • Thickness
  • Finish
  • Brand Reputation


The Best Brands for Brass Kitchenware in India

Best Brass kitchenware brands in India

There are various brass kitchenware brands in India. A few of them are as follows 

1. Kansawala

Kansawala is one of the best brands in India. It is an Indian company that offers a variety of traditional brass utensils. 



PTAL is also one of the best brands in India, with a 4.4 rating on Google. You can find a variety of brass kitchen items there. 


Please check reviews before you buy if you are buying online.


Care and Maintenance of Brass Kitchenware

Before you buy or use brass kitchenware, you must know how to care for and maintain the brass. You should clean it regularly with a soft sponge and warm soapy water. For deep strains, you can make a paste with salt, flour, and white vinegar and apply it to your brass kitchen utensils. Keep it for an hour, then wash it properly with warm water. Avoid harsh chemicals to preserve the shine of brass for a long time.



Brass kitchenware isn’t for everyone, but it does have some unique benefits that make it a good choice for certain people. Brass kitchenware offers a mixture of beauty and traditional vibes. If you’re looking for a beautiful, durable, and unique type of kitchenware that is a good heat conductor, then brass kitchenware may be a good option for you. You have learned everything about brass kitchenware in this blog, starting from What is Brass Kitchenware, 20 basic brass kitchen items, the best brands, and the maintenance of all these. 


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is brass kitchenware costly?

Yes, brass kitchenware as well as cookware are more costly than other metals.


2. What is the Hindi name of brass kitchenware?

Brass kitchenware is known as pital bartan in Hindi.


3. Is it safe to eat curd in brass?

No, it is not safe to eat curd in brass. Because curd has lactic acid, it can react with the brass.


4. What are the benefits of brass?

It has antimicrobial properties, which protect the brass item from bacteria. It is a good conductor of heat, which helps in cooking. With proper care, it is durable for many years.

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