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Natural Places to visit in Guwahati

Are you planning to visit Guwahati? But if you do not want to give up your valuable vacation time in the chaotic spots then these are the best few natural places to visit in Guwahati. Assam is one such state which has an abundance of greenery and natural beauty which attracts a humongous number of tourists. These are the best places you can which must be on your bucket list.


List of 15 Natural Places to Visit in Guwahati 


Assam State Zoo

Assam State zoo

The Assam State Zoo is one of the best places for Guwahati sightseeing. It opens at 8 am in the morning and closes at 4 pm in the evening. The entry fee per head is ₹100/-. It is among the best places to visit in Guwahati.


Peacock Island

Peacock Island

Peacock Island is one, of Assam’s most beautiful places. This place is the smallest island amidst the mighty Brahmaputra. It is one of the most attractive tourist points in Guwahati. Ferry services are available from the Kachari Ghat which cost ₹20-₹30/-.


Nilachal Hill View Point

Nilachal hill view point

The Nilachal View Point is located in the Nilachal hills of Kamakhya. It is often referred to as Kamakhya View Point. The morning hours are the best to visit this place. You will also find some stalls for refreshments during your visit.


The Lonely Tree

The lonely tree

The Lonely Tree is a scenic beauty located in the Chandrapur area of Guwahati. It is one of the best natural places in Guwahati. It is an eminent example of what capacity and nature holds on to itself.

Private vehicles would be more convenient to reach this spot.


Silsako Lake

Silsako Lake

The Silsako Lake is a hidden beauty in the chaos of Guwahati. It is surrounded by places like Satgaon, Hengrabari and Mathgharia. It is one of the least crowded, unexplored, and natural places in Guwahati.


Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is located in the Morigaon area which depicts the beauty of Assam. Tourists who want to spend their time truly amidst nature will definitely love this place. The entry fee is ₹500/-. The price differs on various safaris you opt for. Opens at 6:30 am.


Basishtha Ashram Temple

Basistha Ashram Temple: Natural places to visit in Guwahati

This temple, though a religious place, is also a mesmerizing spot of the beautiful Guwahati. The ashram, temple, and river provide the ultimate serene beauty of nature located at the Sandhychal hills. This place opens at 5 am and closes at 8 pm.


Old Jail Botanical Garden

Old Jail Botanical Garden

This garden is located in the Jail Road area of Fancy Bazaar. Though it is within the chaos of the fancy Bazaar but people prefer visiting this place for its beauty. The entry fee per person is ₹50/-. It remains open between 10 am-10 pm. Remains closed on Wednesdays.


Amrit Udyan

Amrit Udyan: Natural Places to visit in Guwahati

The Amrit Udyan is a park with enough big space for kids and adults in Hengrabari. This place has a space for skating for children. The entry fee is ₹30/- and remains open between 11 am – 9 pm. Remains closed on Mondays.


Ghats of Brahmaputra

Ghats of Brahmaputra

While visiting Guwahati, exploring the Ghats of Brahmaputra is a must. It delineates the natural beauty of Assam. The ghats are open all throughout the day. People enjoy sitting in Ghat area and having a good while.


Kopili Picnic Spot 

Kopili Picnic Spot: One of the natural places to visit in Guwahati

The Kopili Picnic Spot is another natural exploration place located in the Garbhanga Forest Reserve area of Guwahati. It has beautifully flowing waterfalls and greenery to caress your eyes. It remains open between 6 am – 6 pm.


Deepor Beel Wildlife Sanctuary

Deepor Beel Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is the epitome of nature and its beauty in Assam. Tourists from far-off places visit this spot in the outskirts of Guwahati. The entry fee to this wildlife sanctuary is ₹20/- for adults and ₹10/- for children.


Garoghuli Waterfall

Garoghuli Waterfall

The Garoghuli Waterfall is located in the Garchuk area of Guwahati. Away from the city crowd, it provides the perfect natural sightseeing views. It remains open throughout the day. It is a perfect place to visit with your friends, family, and close ones.


Inside Out Hiking Trail

Inside Out Hiking Trail

The Inside Out Hiking Trail is situated within the crowded city areas of Hengrabari. It is unusual for its existence in the chaotic area of Guwahati which provides wonderful hiking experiences. People who desire to hike but are afraid to go to the outskirt places can definitely visit it. Remains open only on Sundays for the whole day.


Atal Udyan

Atal Udayan

The Atal Udyan is a man-made urban park situated in the Maligaon area of Guwahati. It has an abundance of space for kids to play and have fun. Adults also can have a pretty good time here. It remains open from Tuesday to Sunday between 11 am – 8 pm.



These are the 15 natural places to visit in Guwahati to experience the natural serenity and divinity of Assam. If you are someone who does want to visit the places and spots where you find the solace of nature then you must visit all these places for a soothing experience. These places are the best natural destinations for those who want to explore these areas.


15 natural places to visit in Guwahati

  • Assam State Zoo
  • Peacock Island
  • Nilachal Hill View Point
  • The Lonely Tree
  • Silsako Lake
  • Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Basishtha Ashram Temple
  • Old Jail Botanical Garden
  • Amrit Udyan
  • Ghats of Brahmaputra
  • Kopili Picnic Spot
  • Deepor Beel Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Garoghuli Waterfall
  • Inside Out Hiking Trail
  • Atal Udyan 


Frequently Asked Questions


Are all safari charges included in the entry fee of Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary?

No, the entry fee is exclusive of any safari.


Does the Inside Out Hiking Trail remain open on weekdays?

No, it remains open on Sunday.


What is the visiting time of Atal Udyan?

The visiting time of Atal Udyan is between 11 am – 8 pm.


What is the entry fee for children in Deepor Beel Wildlife Sanctuary?

The entry fee for children in Deepor Beel Wildlife Sanctuary is ₹10/-.


At what time does the Assam State Zoo close?

It closes at 4 pm in the evening.

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