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Ceramic Kitchenware

From a morning tea cup to a dinner set, ceramic kitchenware is available in the form of all possible kitchen items. It gives your kitchen an extra impressive look.

Even though ceramic kitchenware is relatively expensive, your ordinary morning teacup is no longer without it.


What is Ceramic Kitchenware?

Metal ceramics are given a final touch of glaze and fired clay in order to form ceramic kitchenware. Ceramic kitchenware is suitable for you because it is easy to use, non-poisonous, and cleans well. While ceramic kitchenware is breakable, it also offers your kitchen an attractive look. Though expensive, nothing surpasses the beautiful appearance of your kitchen as offered by ceramic utensils.


How to Look for the Best Ceramic Cookware 

When you are choosing ceramic kitchenware as well as ceramic cookware, pay attention to stuff, size, and heat. Pick the best-quality material.

Choose a pot that is right for you: if it is a small size that you need, take a small one; if it is a medium size that you need, take it; if it is a big one, choose a large one. But be careful while choosing ceramic kitchenware. 

Do you often raise and lower the flame while cooking? Then your utensil must be equipped with a strong base in order to avoid burning ceramics. It will not burn quickly after wrapping a strong base around a thick ceramic layer. Otherwise, your ceramic cookware will immediately catch fire.


How to Test the Best Ceramic Cookware

Methods of testing the best ceramic cookware, such as at home, are suggested for:

1. Egg Test

A very efficient method of checking is that of using eggs on the utensils made from ceramics. After heating the pan, apply a small amount of oil and break an egg on it. Try flipping the egg with the help of a spatula at the end. The easiest flipping should be an indication that it is non-stick.

2. Water Boil Test 

Take one pot or pan and pour water into it up to its capacity. Put them on low heat until boiling starts, and you can see steady bubbles occurring underneath them. For ceramic cookware, this method is highly recommended while testing. 

3. Cooling Test 

Test whether ceramic cooking utensils cool down by touching their handles after cooking with them. The other option will be best if the one being used does not get hot after use, so check out for that depending on your choice. If it’s too hot, then forget about buying it because it will only cause discomfort while handling your food or drinks.


List of 15 Ceramic Kitchenware You Must Have in Your Kitchen 

You can find various ceramic kitchenware in the market. But let’s have a look at some of the basic ceramic kitchenware you must have:

1. Ceramic Cup

Ceramic cup

Ceramic cups are made up of various ingredients, like porcelain, stoneware, and many others. It is affordable and easy to use. Ceramic cups are generally used for hot drinks like tea or coffee. But you can also enjoy cold drinks in the ceramic cup.

2. Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic mug

Ceramic mugs are one of the most prominent pieces of ceramic crockery from many decades. It is a standard way to enjoy tea or coffee. It is used mostly to consume hot drinks, but you can also enjoy cold drinks in this cup.

3. Handcrafted Ceramic Plate

Handcrafted ceramic plate

Handcrafted ceramic plates are excellent and eye-opening ceramic kitchenware. It is mainly made by hand. There’s no use of factories, machines, and all. You can have dinner and snacks on these types of plates. These types of ceramic kitchen items are easy to clean.

4. Ceramic Teapot

Ceramic teapot

Teapots are an essential part of our daily lives. It is one of the most useful ceramic kitchenware. Because a teapot stores and keeps your tea safe from any unwanted things. And if it can be decorative and impressive to see, then why not? Use a ceramic teapot to give your kitchen an impressive look. 

5. Measuring Cups

Ceramic measuring cup

It is one of the most needed pieces of ceramic kitchenware in your kitchen. You can measure the quantity based on this. It is not always accurate, but you can get an idea. There are two types of measuring cups: 

  • Cup
  • ⅓ Cup
  • ½ Cup
  • 1 Cup

You can use a ceramic measuring cup to analyze the amount. 

6. Ceramic Jars

Ceramic Jar

Jars are a basic necessity for ceramic kitchenware sets. It is made from fired clay. Ceramic jars are used to keep dry goods like salt, sugar, etc. It gives your kitchen a finished and attractive look. 

7. Ceramic Jugs

Ceramic Jugs

The trend toward ceramic kitchenware sets has been going on for thousands of years. Ceramic jugs are a little heavier and longer-lasting. It is used to keep dry goods, serve, and have liquids, and you can also use it for decoration.

8. Ceramic Spoon Holder

Ceramic spoon holder

A ceramic spoon holder is one of the most prominent and useful items of ceramic kitchenware. Because if you don’t use a spoon holder, your spoon will be here and there. So use a ceramic spoon holder to keep your spoon in one place.

9. Ceramic Spatula

Ceramic spatula

A ceramic spatula is the most essential item in your ceramic kitchenware. It is used for various purposes, like flipping the items, scraping to ensure nothing is left in the cookware, and spreading the food. It is easy to wash and durable. 

10. Ceramic Glasses

Ceramic glasses

One of the items of ceramic kitchenware is ceramic glasses. It is not made of glasses; it is made of ceramic. It doesn’t allow light to pass; it’s an opaque object. It is used to drink water, cold drinks, etc. It is long-lasting and heavier. 

11. Ceramic Bowls

Ceramic bowls

Ceramic Kitchenware has a wide variety of products. Ceramic bowls are versatile and the most timeless product to have. It is used to keep dry as well as liquid items, to mix, to dissolve, etc.

12. Butter DishCeramic butter dish

A ceramic butter dish is a dish to protect the butter from dust particles. You can store the butter there. These ceramic kitchenware items are easy to use and very essential if you are fond of butter.

13. Ceramic Dish Server

Ceramic dish server

Ceramic dish servers include platters in various shapes, like circles, rectangles, squares, and ovals. Then there are tiered servers, baking dishes, and chip and dip platters involved in it. So you can enjoy the dishes on a ceramic dish server, or you can serve them to your guests. Ceramic kitchenware increases your standard.

14. Ceramic Ramekins

Ceramic Ramekins

Ceramic ramekins are one of the most needed ceramic kitchenware tools in your kitchen. Because it is used to bake, serve it even in your preparations before cooking. You can keep anything; mix it any better. So, it will be one of the best choices for your kitchenware.

15. Ceramic Casserole Dish

Ceramic casserole dish

This piece of ceramic kitchenware is a very prominent item in your kitchen. A ceramic casserole dish is available in various sizes and colors. It is generally available in three different sizes small, medium, and large. Choose according to your needs.


List of the 5 Best Ceramic Kitchenware in India

Top 5 Ceramic kitchenware brands in India

1. Swaa Clay Studio

Swaa Clay Studio is situated in Bangalore, Karnataka. It sells handmade decorative ceramic kitchenware and other decorative items as well. You can get ceramic products from there. Its rating is 5 stars, which is excellent. You can visit the website of the Swaa Clay model to learn more about it.

2. House of Ceramics

It also provides a multitude of kitchenwares that are used in everyday life. It is in Bangkok, Thailand. If you live there, this will be the best choice for your ceramic crockery.

3. Andretta Pottery

You can get one of the best ceramic kitchenware sets here. It is established in Himachal Pradesh. 

You can visit their Instagram page at Andretta Pottery to learn more about the products they are providing.

4. Minimal Indian 

Minimal Indian also provides the best ceramic kitchenware. You can have ceramic cups, platters, etc. from there. For more information, you can take a look at the Instagram page of Minimal Indian. You can find the best ceramic kitchenware there.

5. Curators of Clay

They have the most beautiful designs and collections of various ceramic kitchenware sets as well as ceramic cooking utensils. They are located in Pune, Maharashtra. For more detailed information, you can take a look at the Instagram page of Curators of Clay.


Care and Maintenance of Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic kitchenware and ceramic cookware have become a healthy choice for everyone. You must take care when maintaining the ceramic cookware. Below are some tips on how to care for and maintain your ceramic utensils:

1. Do not drop hot ceramic ware in cold water:

Never soak ceramic cooking utensils or pans in cold water just after cooking since the cookware is hot. It is easy to get cracks in ceramic kitchenware due to temperature differences.

2. Use a gentle scrub or sponge:

Use soap and water and a gentle scrub or sponge to clean it; otherwise, using hard steel wool can ruin the delicate look of your ceramic item.

3. Heat Before Cooking:

Firstly, heat the container before you start cooking to prevent thermal shock, which can cause cracks in your own set of ceramics.



Every product has its own pros and cons. Ceramic kitchenware also has advantages as well as disadvantages. The advantages are that it’s easy to clean, and there are no toxic chemicals that harm your body. The disadvantages are that it’s heavier, easier to break, etc.

It can be the best option for your kitchen. Ceramic kitchenware consists of just two words, but it combines countless crockery items and many more. Choose your kitchenware based on your cooking habits and needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best brand for ceramic cookware?

Caraway Ceramic Cookware Set is the best brand of ceramics.


2. Why is ceramic cookware better?

Ceramic cookware is relatively expensive, unlike other types, thus giving your kitchen a unique look, standard vision, and, at the same time, no harm to any individual. So, no machine-made cookware can do this. That’s why ceramic utensils beat all other forms.


3. What ceramic is used for kitchenware?

 Porcelain-type is used for ceramic kitchenware sets.


4. What is the best ceramic cookware set?

The OXO Ceramic Professional Non-Stick Cookware Set represents the best set of pots in this line from several companies, such as Pyrex or Calphalon, among others, that offer great-quality ceramic pans at reasonable price ranges.


5. What are some alternatives to ceramic cookware?

Cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, and non-stick are some alternatives to ceramics for cooking.


6. Is it true that ceramic is better than non-stick?

Yes, they do have upsides and downsides, but those things cannot beat the benefits of using ceramic cookware over them when it comes to popularity based on longevity.

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