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Hotels in Tinsukia near Railway Station

Tired of traveling and finding someplace to rest? Don’t worry, we can give you a ready-made list of 10 hotels in Tinsukia near the railway station. As you know, finding a hotel near Tinsukia while traveling is a headache. So here, to ease your work in this blog, we will discuss some hotels in Tinsukia near the railway station, their ratings, and ways to book. 


List of 10 Hotels in Tinsukia Near Railway Station

There are various hotels in Tinsukia, Assam. Some of the hotels in Tinsukia, near the railway station, are as follows


1. H.C.Residency

H C Residency: ONe of the Low Price Hotels in Tinsukia

H.C. Residency is 75m away from New Tinsukia Junction railway station. It is one of the good hotels in Tinsukia and is very close to the railway station. But few guests have said they don’t like the hotel for cleanliness and hygienic purposes.


2. Hotel Centre Point

Hotel Centre Point; Hotel near Railway station in tinsukia

It is one of the hotels in Tinsukia near railway station. This hotel is not much liked by the people. Because of its poor facilities, like unclean rooms and untidy bed sheets, the food is also not good. 


3. Hotel Ballerina

Hotel Ballerina

Hotel Ballerina is one of the finest hotels in Tinsukia, Assam. The distance from Hotel Ballerina to the railway station is approximately. 280m. This hotel is the best in everything, like maintaining hygiene, cleanliness, and the best hygienic food. It gives the best in every possible way. You can enjoy it with friends and family. 


4. Hotel Sapphire

Hotel Sapphire

Hotel Sapphire is a hotel in Tinsukia near railway station. It is around 3.5 km away from New Tinsukia Junction Railway Station. This hotel has mixed reviews. Some say the hotel is very good to stay in, whereas few say they don’t maintain hygiene and don’t serve clean and tasty food. 


5. Hotel President

Hotel President

Hotel President is the nearest to Tinsukia Railway Station. It is a pocket-friendly hotel. It offers tidy bed sheets, clean and hygienic rooms, and good food at an affordable price. 


6. Maa Laxmi Hotel

Maa Laxmi

It is a hotel in Tinsukia, near the railway station. It is a pocket-friendly hotel that offers clean and hygienic rooms, good food, and a good bathroom, and the staff is super helpful there.


7. Gopala Residency 

Gopala Residency

This hotel is near Tinsukia Railway Station, which is 450m away. It has clean rooms and good food, and good food makes a good mood. It also offers laundry services; if your clothes are dirty during a trip, they will wash them properly. There are kitchen services in some rooms, Wi-Fi connection all the time, and the room is air-conditioned. 


8. Hotel Rajvansee

Hotel Rajvansee: Hotels in tinsukia near railway station

Hotel Rajvansee is located just opposite the Hijuguri Tinsukia Railway Station. This hotel is one of the nearest hotels to the station. This hotel is not so good. The staff are not friendly, the food isn’t good, and the staff doesn’t cooperate with any queries.


9. Hotel Kalpataru

Hotel Kalpataru

Hotel Kalpataru is one of the hotels in Tinsukia near Railway Station. Staff are so friendly; you will get vegetarian yet tasty food there; rooms are tidy; bathrooms are clean. You will get a single room for just Rs. 450, and if you need an attached bathroom, you will get it for just Rs. 600. A double room costs just Rs. 650, and with an attached bathroom, it will cost Rs. 800.


10. Hotel Mayur

Hotel Mayur

Hotel Mayur is on Na-Pukhuri Road, Tinsukia. It is one of the hotels in Tinsukia, near the old railway station. This hotel in Tinsukia, Assam, has satisfied many customers. Staff are convivial and available all the time; food is hygienic and good; and rooms are clean and tidy. You can only face difficulty booking the room if you are an unmarried couple. 


Rating and Contact Numbers of some of the Hotels in Tinsukia Near Railway Station


Hotel Names Contact Number  Rating 
H.C. Residency  070027 86196 3.6
Centre Point Tinsukia 075780 06030 3.7
Hotel Ballerina 076369 59999 4.0
Hotel President 037423 38789 3.5
Maa Laxmi Hotel 094350 08363 4.9
Hotel Mayur 037421 20744 3.5
Gopala Residency 099579 22870 4.6

You can check their rating and call the hotel you like for further details or booking-related queries. 


Booking modes for hotels in Tinsukia, Assam

These are some of the ways to book hotels in Tinsukia near the railway station

  • Go Physically to book the hotel.
  • Call their contact number and book it.
  • Use apps like Make My Trip, Goibibo,  Trip.com
  • Trivago, etc.



Finding the perfect hotel in Tinsukia near Railway Station to stay at is no longer difficult. Tinsukia has a wide variety of hotels on the list, but you have to choose according to your needs, like comfort, budget, etc. These are the hotels with ratings, contact numbers, and other details that will help you book your hotel. Starting from H.C. Residency to Hotel Mayur, all the details are given in this blog. Remember, factors beyond proximity to the station can influence your decision. Think about amenities, guest reviews, and the overall atmosphere you desire. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cancellation policy of the hotels in Tinsukia near railway station?

If you are booking by online method, the cancellation process is already mentioned. 


2. How far is H.C. Residency from the railway station?

H.C. Residency is 75 meters away from the railway station.

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