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Low Price Hotels in Tinsukia

Have you wanted to visit Tinsukia recently but are worried about the expenses? Well, then we can help you with the budget-friendly yet well-maintained hotel in Tinsukia. If you want to wander through Tinsukia or want to visit for work purposes, we have got you covered. You don’t have to worry about where to stay. In this blog, you will learn about 10 low-priced hotels in Tinsukia, their prices, ratings, and booking related queries.


List of 10 Low Price Hotels in Tinsukia 

There are more than 50 hotels in Tinsukia, Assam. But we bring here the list of 10 low-cost hotels in Tinsukia


1. H.C.Residency

H C Residency: ONe of the Low Price Hotels in Tinsukia

In Tinsukia, H.C. Residency is one of the low-priced hotels in Tinsukia. They maintain hygiene, and the staff are friendly, good, and clean. But this hotel also has a lot of shortcomings. There are mixed reviews for this hotel. A few say the rooms are not so clean and full of mosquitoes, but many say the rooms are so clean and hygienic. You can get a room within ₹1000. 


2. Maa Laxmi

Maa Laxmi

Maa Laxmi is a budget-friendly hotel to stay at in Tinsukia. If you are worried about the expenditure, if you talk politely, they will also reduce the payment. It offers clean rooms and good food, and staff are available all the time if you need something. Though some of the scammers spread negativity around, many visitors were happy to stay there. 


3. Nandan Hotel

Nandan Hotel

Nandan Hotel in Tinsukia Assam is one of the cheapest hotels in Tinsukia. But you know, if they are charging so low, they can’t offer you luxuriousness. This is not a good hotel to stay at. The rooms are not maintained or hygienic, the staff is not well behaved, and the vegetarian food is good, but the non-vegetarian food is not so good.



4. Mayur Hotel

Mayur Hotel

It is one of the good hotels in Tinsukia, Assam. The charge per room in this hotel is only Rs. 440. The services are so good here, starting with staff behavior, food, etc. But the only thing is that their water is full of iron. But overall, this can be a good place to stay on a minimum budget.


5. Hotel Maruti 

Hotel Maruti

Hotel Maruti is not a good hotel to book a room in Tinsukia. Many people are not satisfied with the services they offer. Staff behavior is not so good; rooms are dirty and not hygienic. 


6. Hotel Kalpataru

Hotel Kalpataru

This hotel is one of the best low-priced hotels in Tinsukia. The services are nice, like comforting and clean rooms, tidy bed sheets, clean bathrooms, and food. Staff are available anytime to ensure that you have any queries. 


7. Monalisha Lodge

Monalisha Lodge

Monalisha Lodge is one of the best hotels in Tinsukia, Assam, at a very low price. This is a very good place to stay. This area is so nice and peaceful; it’s good to go with your friends and family. The staff is available all the time, the food is good, and the rooms are so clean and hygienic. 


8. Hotel Jyotsna

Hotel Jyotsna

Hotel Jyotsna is located on GNB Road in Tinsukia. It has a free parking area. The rooms are clean, the food is good, and the staff are available all the time. They solve all your queries. You can avail of the room at a minimum cost. You can get various thalis there to choose from according to your needs.



9. Pramod Hotel 

Pramod Hotel

Pramod Hotel is an okayish hotel in Tinsukia. This is one of the low-priced hotels in Tinsukia. You can avail the room here for just between Rs. 400 and Rs. 800. You can get both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options there. You can get vegetarian thali for just Rs. 60, and it offers a variety of dishes. They maintain hygiene, the food is delicious, and the staff is convivial. The food offers homely vibes; you can eat it regularly, but it will not harm your stomach.


10. Hotel Centre Point

Hotel Centre Point

Hotel Centre Point is filled with mixed reviews, both good and bad. Few visitors say this hotel in Tinsukia, Assam, is not a good option to stay at. It doesn’t have clean rooms or good food, but a few of them suggest this is a good hotel to visit if you are with your friends and family. 


Rating and Price of Some of the Low-Price Hotels in Tinsukia

Hotel Name  Contact No.  Cost for Per Room Rating 
H.C. Residency  07002786196 ₹968 3.6
Maa Laxmi Hotel 094350 08363 ₹750 4.9
Nandan Hotel  098566 57794 ₹500 2.8
Hotel Kalpataru  7947106288 ₹450 4.3
Hotel Mayur 3742120744 ₹440 3.5
Hotel Maruti  3742341055 ₹600 3.2
Pramod Hotel  9706129882 ₹400 3.6
Hotel Jyotsna  9435002013 ₹1000 3.7


Cheapest Hotel in Tinsukia

These are the top 3 low-price hotels in Tinsukia

  • Pramod Hotel
  • Hotel Mayur
  • Hotel Kalpataru 


Modes for Tinsukia Hotel Room Booking

You can do the booking using the following methods

  • Offline Mode
  • Make my trip 
  • Goibibo
  • Cleartrip
  • EaseMyTrip



Finding a hotel is not an easy task. There are many hotels in Tinsukia that are available at a minimum cost. You have to choose according to your needs. For example, if you need a hotel near the railway station, you can choose H.C. Residency. If you want to choose a hotel with good ratings, you can choose Centre Point, and so on. You can book online to get some offers and discounts. If you book online, there’s more you can get. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which hotel in Tinsukia offers free Wi-Fi and internet access?

Hotel Centre Point offers free Wi-Fi and internet facilities for guests.


2. Do we need any documents during check-in time?

Yes, you need to have valid ID proof. In order to have a record, they take this.


3. How can I find the best deals on low-priced hotels in Tinsukia? 

Call and ensure the hotel manager has information on offline prices to book rooms. Then you check all online apps and websites to see where you can book a room in a low-priced hotel in Tinsukia.


4. How can we get assurance that the low-priced hotels in Tinsukia are safe?

Always read guest reviews, and depending on that, choose your hotel wisely.


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